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CDR Brian Johnson, USN, is currently a Postulant for Holy Orders in the United Anglican Church. A member of St. Alban’s Church in York, Pennsylvania, Brian has been assigned by Bishop Yingling to serve as a Postulant Intern at that church. Brian has been admitted to the Minor Orders through Clerical Tonsure, and will finish those orders by the fall of 2013.

A big thanks to our brothers at Pennsylvania Homeowners Insurance. May the peace of the lord be with you.

Welcome to the United Anglican Church

Welcome to the Official website of the United Anglican Church.  I hope you will find herein something of what makes us proud to be the UAC .  We are, above all else, followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,  seekers after true discipleship.  We worship Him in the way of traditional and orthodox Anglicanism which we believe has been handed to us by the Fathers as the best expression of Christ’s One Holy Catholic and Orthodox Church ever known.  In this “way”  are included brothers and sisters whose perception of the Church is essentially Protestant and others who are of a more Catholic view point – Anglicans all.

Our Vision is expressed in three words:  Peace, Unity and Reconciliation.  We seek to attain the realization of that vision by reaching out in brotherly love to like-minded individuals and groups who would share that with us as we travel the path our gracious Lord has laid before us.

Please contact me or of anyone whose name you find in this website if you have any question about UAC or any of its ministries or programs. We would be glad to hear from you.    Thank you for visiting us here.

May the Lord’s blessings in all things be yours in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.


The Most Reverend Robert D. Parlotz, OHS
Archbishop and Primate
The United Anglican Church

Our Mission

The mission of the United Anglican Church is to live the ancient faith of the Church, to celebrate the peace of Christ, and to build unity in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church through our scriptural tradition and the proclamation of the gospel.